just one of those days…

31 Ianuarie 2009

After a twelve hour sleep, you finally wake up. You don’t really understand all the fuss and all the noise around you, but you figure out it’s some kind of a party. You squeeze your brain, but you just can’t remember what day it is, if it’s someone’s birthday or an anniversary, so you make an effort and you manage to whisper in a hoarse voice: “Hey, what’s goin’ on?” only to be even more confused when all the noise stops and someone screams: “The party’s off, guys, she’s not dead”.

You finally get off the bed while constantly grumbling “It’s just not my day” in your head and go to the bathroom, trying not to stumble over your own feet. “What the hell did I dream about, I look like shit” you can’t help yourself but notice in the mirror. “And I have pimples. What the hell, I’m not a teenager anymore, why do they keep showing up? Oh, well, it’s not like I was gonna get out of the house, anyway”.

So you take a shower, then decide you’d like a long bath instead, so you put on the bathtub plug and pour some bubble bath bain mousse, oh, what the hell, you pour the whole thing in and get in the hot water. Like a charm, you start feeling so much better, it’s not one of those days anymore. Just as you were dreaming of sweet kisses, all hell is breaking loose: someone is screaming and seriously punching the door:

“You said you were just gonna take a shower, what’s taking you so long?”

“Well, I changed my mind, I’m taking a bath.”

“If you don’t come out in five minutes, I’m gonna break down the door!”

Your moment of serenity is ruined anyway, so you wrap yourself with a towel, unplug and sigh as you see the scented foamy water disappearing from the tub… You open the door and scream: “The bathroom’s all yours” only to get an “Oh, I don’t have to go anymore” in response. Now it’s all clear, with no sign of doubt: this is definitely not your day… And it’s just the beginning…

You go back to your room and check your mobile phone: two missed calls and a voice message, all from your boyfriend. He’s out of town, visiting his grandma and you’re thinkin’: “Oh, poor guy, he must be feeling even more miserable and lonely than I feel” so you go ahead and listen to the voice message: “Hey, baby, I tried to reach you to say I’ll be back tomorrow night, something came up. My grandma is fine, but I ran into a couple of old friends and we’re going to shoot some pool and later they’ve invited me to hang out at one of them, make it a boys night: pizza, video games, you know how it is. I hope you’re having fun too. See you soon. Kisses.”

You quiet your need to just throw away the cell phone and you write a text message in response, weighting on every key: “Hi, I’m having the time of my life. In fact, that’s why I wasn’t able to answer the phone, sorry. Bye. Ps: Hugs.” and you almost knock down the poor phone with the powerful push on the green key: “Message sent”. You almost feel bad about the lie, but then you remember: “Kisses? KISSES?! Not even a tiny <I miss you>, <I wanna kiss you>, no, just <Kisses>, why? He was in such a hurry to go back to his friends he couldn’t even say a full sentence?”.

Now you really throw away the cell, luckily on the pillow, and throw yourself right next to it. This is gonna be a looong day…

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