the e-mystical eight

19 Mai 2009

1. „Listen to your heart!…”
„I’d rather listen to a song, at least a song might have some meaning in it.”

2. „And the truth will set you free…”
„Or send you to jail, it depends on the issue.”

3. „When I call you, come quickly…”
„Yeah, I need to go to the bathroom and you’ve been in there for like forever.”

4. „When you’re not next to me, I can’t sleep…”
„That’s ‘cause I party all night long, who cares about sleeping?”

5. „When you leave the apartment, I feel like running after you…”
„So I can yell: you #$*%, you left the damn lights on in the bathroom again.”

6. „My only regret is that I haven’t met you sooner…”
„Yeah, I wish I’ve met you back in those days when you still had all your teeth and your hair.”

7. „I am crazy about you…”
„In fact, I am crazy to be with you, there are a million better catches out there.”

8. „I wouldn’t give you up not even for a million dollars…”
„I’d give you away for free, I’m not materialistic.”

PS: „I love YOU!”
*YOU = young ogre’s uxoriousness


2 răspunsuri to “the e-mystical eight”

  1. done8989 Says:

    bre ,, tu distrugi vise aici ;))

  2. briza Says:

    da, stiu :”> din cand in cand, imi amintesc ca sunt romanca si exclam: „sa moara si capra vecinului! >:) „

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