John Powell & Chad Fischer – Alone Again

8 iulie 2009

alone again(click the picture to listen to the song!)

„Alone again, naturally…

I shouldn’t be hangin’ ‘round,
But my world’s turned upside down,
You abandoned me,
I fell off the tree
To the hard and lonely ground.

You found somebody new
And cracked my shell in two.
How could I foresee
You turned out to be
Such a bucktooth Casanova.

Now there’s only strife
And my life has lost all meaning.
How I miss
Your furry lips,
Your shallow rapid breathing.

I wish you only knew
That I’m only nuts for you.
Alone again, naturally… „


9 răspunsuri to “John Powell & Chad Fischer – Alone Again”

  1. Lorena Says:

    Superbe versuri dar foarte triste….pacat…

  2. briza Says:

    ai vazut Ice Age 3, Lorena? melodia e de pe coloana sonora, iar mesajul e… tragi-comic ;))

  3. Lorena Says:

    Nu am vazut, dar melodia imi place, desi mesajul e asa cum e.

  4. heny Says:

    love this song so much

  5. briza Says:

    me too, heny :)

  6. kamattian Says:

    great song!!!!!!

  7. criseli jessa Says:

    love this song so cute!

  8. enen Says:

    cooll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lovely lovely lovelyyyy..

  9. Se7eN Says:

    That’s Awsomme ..
    Prea Thari Versurile :X

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